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We believe
people are bright

AK Financial Partners is Australia’s leading digital mortgage lending platform, with a dedicated team of qualified mortgage experts supported by advanced technologies. 

The company is on a mission to offer a positive, empowering and transparent property financing experience, simplified from start to finish. 

AK Financial Partners is delivering on this mission by offering Australians a leading digital mortgage experience and by empowering partners mortgage lenders to improve and streamline their mortgage lending operations with the AK Financial Partners Mortgage Cloud.

Our Services

How we works

we make less than the average broker or mortgage specialist, but we get the peace of mind knowing that we helped you save thousands of dollars on your mortgage. We feel pretty good about this!

All the Help, Without the Commission.

Simply put, our salaried advisors are rewarded based on your satisfaction. We’re here to help you reach your goal and guide you through the complicated world of home financing.

A Mortgage at Your Fingertips, 
Because It’s 2023.

Who has the luxury to take a week off to go mortgage shopping? You focus on the milestone here: purchasing a home. We’ll take care of the mortgage part.

The Best Rates, 
Because We Can.

Every mortgage professional knows the market’s best rates every time they check their email. Only a few of them will give you that rate without making you work for it.

AK financial partner’s here to change the industry for this very reason.

It’s More Than a Mortgage, 
It’s Your Home. 

Finding a forever home is a great accomplishment.  Let’s make it fun. Let’s keep it bright.


"Thank YOU very much for your service – we particularly appreciated your honesty, professionalism and excellent client service. Even though we haven’t met, we feel like we already know you & your team. Your confidence and willingness to assist made us feel at ease right away!" 
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