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주변 산책 가족

Welcome to your complete homebuying journey made easy. 

The journey is broken down into four core phases:

Prepare, Search, Mortgage, and Completion.

In each phase, you'll find the essential reading and handy tools to guide you through buying a home, right through to when you need to remortgage.

Phase 1: Plan

Congratulations on beginning the search for a new home. The Plan phase is all about understanding the process of buying a home: from learning how to build up a deposit to understanding the role your credit score can play when applying for a mortgage.

Phase 2: Search

The Search phase is all about equipping you with the relevant knowledge to begin your househunting search and get you thinking about how much you can borrow.

Phase 3: Mortgage

Mortgages can be an intimidating subject to learn about, and there are a lot of considerations to think about outside of just mortgage rates and lenders.

Phase 4: Completion

The Completion phase contains all the content you need to get you started on the right foot in your new home.

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